Monday, November 06, 2006

Add Breeze Virtual Meeting Spaces to Your Online Courses

What can you do in a Breeze meeting room?

  • Upload PPT slides or JPG images in advance or on-the-fly
  • Annotate slides as you discuss them
  • Write or draw on blank whiteboard spaces
  • Share your computer screen with participants (desktop or applications)
  • Broadcast your audio and video (video on broadband only)
  • Facilitte Q & A through an open text chat or moderated Q & A format
  • Query participants through prepared or on-the-fly polls
  • Share files with participants
  • Customize the meeting room layout
  • Record meetings for future playback
When could you use Breeze with your online courses?

Breeze can be used as a supplement to your existing online course, anytime that real-time interaction could enhance learning. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Explanation of complex topics, especially where visuals, e.g., equations, diagrams or drawings, can improve understanding
  • Software demonstrations
  • Guided website tours
  • Online office hours for one-to-one attention
  • Review sessions for exams
  • Group presentations
  • Guest speakers or experts
For more information about Adobe Breeze at UHV, please visit our website at, request an account and schedule a training session.

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